Basic Tree Bright and Silver 180cm

Basic Tree Bright and Silver 180cm €285.00


Basic Tree Bright and Silver 180cm €285.00

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A tree of 180cm in height, decorated with 145 ornaments varying from 4cm to a whopping 15cm in diameter, all in refreshing green tones. Even a few ornaments are decorated with beautiful decorations in matching tones. For a truly sparkling Christmas!!
The tree has a natural shape, because of its layered structure. The branches fall out towards the bottom and looks like a real Christmas tree. The tree is made of PVC with a dark green color. The tree consists of three parts, which has branches that automatically fold open. The package even includes an extra150 cm long green garland to cover the metal base of the tree.
The 300 LED lights have a warm color, and are already fixed to the tree so no hassle getting the lights in the tree, all taken care off!
For that finishing touch, this package includes even two packs of artificial snow and three packs of green-colored tinsels.
The tree is fire-resistant.


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